Horror on the Orient Express

it's been over a month, we all could use a refresher

You were all contacted by Dr. Julian Smith in England, who was killed by an extremist cult lead by Mehmet Makryat. Before Smith died, he told Bella and Eugene that they needed to find the parts of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, a mythical statue of great evil. He gave them instructions on where to search and what to do with the statue once it was completed.

After a brief encounter with The Doom Train, where Eugene and Bella learned how to summon a spectral train in case they ever need to get out of a tight situation, they boarded the Orient Express for their first stop, Paris. They gathered information about Comte Fenalik, the last owner of the Simulacrum, and traveled to his old country house to retrieve the left arm. They also visited the mental institution where the Comte lived out the last of his days, although there was no actual information on his death.

Next stop, Lausenne. It was here that the group met Nigel. Eugene and Bella came to Lausenne to get information on the Sedefkar Scroll, needed to destroy the Simulacrum. After visiting a dream version of Lausenne, seeing some strange prophecies, and giving the self appointed Prince of the Dreamlands a fake scroll to throw him off the trail, Eugene and Bella recovered the scroll and headed back to the train. Duc Floressas is still at large, however, and almost certainly none too happy about the deception. Perhaps you should be wary in the future?

Y’all can just go read the write up for Milan here if you don’t remember it, but honestly how could you not remember it. Like, you set La Scala on fire. How do you forget that. You did manage to recover the torso, though, so well done on that.

The last place Eugene and Bella visited was Venice. There were three subplots throughout the city – mysterious murders with the bodies drained of blood, Georgio and Maria‘s plight, and recovering the left leg of the statue. After several days of searching through the records of a doll shop, Eugene and Bella discovered the left leg of the statue high in a clock tower, and managed to wrestle it free, destroying yet another piece of priceless antique architecture in the process. Eugene and Bella also helped Georgio and Maria to get married, and the happy couple is now travelling on the Orient Express with them. Nothing more was ever learned about the bodies, but don’t worry. I’m totally sure that won’t come back to haunt you in any way. The total Simulacrum count at this point is the torso, left leg, and left arm.

Next stop is the Northern Italian city of Trieste, to look for the left leg. Your clue is to look for Johann Winckelmann at the museum. Good luck, intrepid investigators.

Death and Love in a Gondola
"I need some sela petra, I'm blowing up Venice."

After successfully starting the rumor of the Demon of La Scala and recovering the torso, Eugene, Bella, and Nigel all got on the train, along with a lovely dark haired woman dressed in mourning gear. Bella walked up to her to try and comfort her, and found out that she was Maria Stagliani, the understudy they had heard sing at La Scala the day before. She had just gotten a message that her father had died, and she was travelling to Venice for his funeral. Bella and Eugene talked to her a little more, and when they got to Venice, saw her off the train. When she did, a small mob was waiting for her. Led by a dumpy, elderly man, a bunch of blackshirts slowly approached her, only to be yelled at by a younger man. Bella and Eugene intervened, and the blackshirts and the young man backed off. As they escorted Maria to her home, she explained. The young man was Georgio Gasparetti, a young student and Maria’s true love. But the other, older man, Alberto Rossini, was in charge of the local Facist party, and obsessed with her. By the time she got back to her house, Maria had sunk back into depression, and after inviting Eugene, Bella, and Nigel to her father’s funeral, she disappeared into her home.

Everyone retired back to their hotel, ready to start searching for the Gremanci family and the leg of the Sedefkar Simulacrum. Looking out the window, they could see that the canal water had turned putrid and wasn’t going out with the tide. They spent the first day trying to track down the right Gremanci family, and after lunch, finally found the right family. Conte Alvise Gremanci, a notorious 18th century sorcerer and automaton-maker, has still living relatives who carry on his work with a doll and mannequin shop near the southern edge of Venice. Unfortunately, the gentleman who runs the shop, Antonio Gremanci, spoke no English. The group had to apply for an official government translator, and found that Alberto Rossini was in charge of the local assignments for translators – along with many other facets of the government. Bella managed to convince him that she was also a Facist, however, and so he assigned Sebastiano Gremanci to work with them. It was already past closing time for the store, however, and so the group went back to their hotel.

At their hotel, they were met by Georgio. He had just come from meeting Maria, and wanted to thank Bella, Eugene, and Nigel for their help. Taking them out for coffee and cakes at a small cafe, he poured out his heart. He was deeply in love with Maria, and asked her father for her hand in marriage. Her father refused, however, and Georgio was trying to change his mind through hard work and professing his love to Maria. He believed that Maria’s father was murdered by Rossini, although no one could do anything about it since he basically is the government. Georgio again invited the investigators to the funeral, and left, waxing about how his love for Maria symbolized the emerging power of the proletariat.

Around 4 AM, everyone was woken up in their hotel rooms by a woman shouting “MORTE! MORTE!” outside on the street. Although they tried to go out and find her, by the time they got downstairs, she was gone.

Over breakfast, Eugene heard the servants gossiping about how the woman screaming last night saw a horrible murder. Gossip also centered around the canals, which had become even more putrid. Thankfully, the tide finally turned, and swept the bad water out to sea – and yet some of the smell remained. With Sebastiano, the investigators all returned to the Gremanci doll shop, and were escorted to where all the records were kept. They quickly found two records of the leg of the Simulacrum, the first record outlining the purchase, and the second record outlining where it went. Everyone retired for lunch, where the newspapers had more information on the woman who had been screaming outside. Apparently, she had seen her boyfriend was found impaled ten foot iron spike. His throat was also torn. The woman was being held by police, and so Eugene, Bella, and Nigel went to investigate. Talking to the police, they learned that the spike was nearly ten feet from the ground. The killer had to be crazed, and have a near superhuman strength. The cadaver was also drained completely of blood. The woman had no useful information, and only repeated one phrase over and over – ‘I have seen Satan.’ As the group tried to leave, the woman started trying to bite off her own tongue.

Back at the hotel, the servants were gossiping about how the statues in Basilico San Marco had wept blood through the evening service. However, they couldn’t find anyone who was able to confirm it.

The next morning, over breakfast, Bella read a story about a gondolier who had been found torn to pieces in his own boat. The newspapers openly stated that this man was drained of blood, and all of the servants were speculating on the cult, maniac, or ghouls responsible for what happened. The waiter even told Bella that his brother in law, who had been partying last night, saw Death poling a gondola down the Grand Canal. The disgusting water in the canals is back as well, with a stench so bad it’s hard to even breathe in some parts of the city. The water is starting to flood low lying houses and churches. At least one child who played in the water even fell ill, with black blotches spreading across their limbs.

Bella and friends attended the funeral, but it was not a pleasant experience. With the terrible, greasy water, everyone only wanted to leave. Bella, Eugene, and Nigel ended up taking a gondola away from the funeral with Georgio. The gondolier detoured, however, and the group ended up at an abandoned factory with a set of blackshirts waiting to ambush the group. Nigel and Eugene made short work of them, although Georgio impulsively flinging himself in front of the group to “protect” them certainly didn’t help. They finally got rid of the blackshirts, and escorted Georgio home, where he enlisted them to help in his plan to rescue Maria that night from her home.

Eugene, Bella, and Nigel redoubled their search for the missing leg. Deciding that it was somewhere high (otherwise how else could it be struck by lightning?), they found Sebastiano and got him to lead them to the campo where the leg had been replaced. The large campo was virtually abandoned, but did have a groundskeeper and a heavy lock on the door. Eugene noticed a large clocktower, and as the hour struck, a large pair of automatons came out, danced with each other, and then went back in to the tower. The groundskeeper also refused to let them go up the tower, saying it was much too dangerous. The group decided to come back after they helped Georgio and break in.

As they went back to the hotel to meet Georgio, they passed by a commotion. A crowd had gathered around a pair of fish with recognizable limbs and hands flopping around in the canal. Not exactly a great sign.

Meeting Georgio, the investigators snuck into Maria’s house. Eugene distracted the guards by claiming the demon of La Scala was outside, while Bella went and saved Maria and led her back to the gondola. As everyone was escaping, Alberto showed up with a priest and threatened everyone with a gun. Bella managed to talk him down, and he ended p leaving. Georgio and Maria got the priest to marry them, and got Nigel, Bella, and Eugene to be their witnesses.

With the night getting longer, the group hurried to the Palazzo Rezzoniani. It was a simple matter to break in and intimidate the groundskeeper into staying away. They managed to get up to the clocktower through the rickety, thin stairs, and found themselves in a pitch black room. Thankfully, everyone bought flashights, and were able to navigate through the vast cogs and pinwheels. Eight automatons were present in the tower, paired in twos who would fight and then go back into the clocktower. Death, armed with a scythe, and an Angel, armed with a trumpet – Death won. A Turk, armed with a scimitar, and a Winged Lion, armed with claws – the Winged Lion won. A Condottiere, a Renaissance soldier, armed with a sword, and an Assassin, armed with a club – the Assassin wins. Finally, a Rustic Lass (with her leg exposed) and a Rustic Lad with a bow and arrow meet, and the Lad chases the Lass back into the tower. Only the Turk, the Condottiere, and the Rustic Lass had exposed legs, and they quickly narrowed it down to the Turk. Grabbing the leg and yanking it off upset the balance of the tower, and things quickly fell apart. Thankfully, everyone managed to get out of the tower safely, while it fell apart around them.

Getting out of Venice was easier said than done. Georgio and Maria met everyone at the train, and told them that they had decided to get on the Orient Express in order to escape. Good thing, too, since Alberto was there to see everyone off. He banned all of the investigators from ever stepping foot in Venice again, and warned them that things were going to be difficult in Facist states for them from now on. Wonder if that’ll be the case?

Note for Note
"The Demon of La Scala is real, I saw it with my own eyes!"

Bella, Eugene, and Nigel arrived in Milan with their accommodations already set up by their friend Caterina Cavollaro, an opera singer whom they had met on the train. She had also been kind enough to give them tickets to see Aida, where she was performing the title role. The group arrived a day after her – their small trip to Lausenne cost them a bit of time – but it didn’t matter anyway. As soon as they pulled in the stations, they heard news criers announcing Cavollaro’s kidnapping. The news criers were the brightest thing in the city – most of the town seemed depressed, almost shell shocked.

With little else to do in such a depressed city, the group decided to visit the Duomo, or the largest cathedral in Milan. A priest, Father Angelico, approached them immediately, happy to practice his English on them. He started off quite cheerful, but quickly descended into crying and ranting about how La Scala was a house of evil, and as attendance at the theater went up, attendance at the church went down. He gestured to three small women in the back, all wearing black and praying for Cavollaro’s return. He told Eugene, Bella, and Nigel that they worked at the costume shop, and that they were well aware of the evil of La Scala – especially the costumer’s curse. Unfortunately, they only spoke Italian, and Father Angelico had no interest in talking about La Scala. The group tried to leave, only to see a man in the back, down on the ground and looking for something. Bella tried to help him, but startled the man, and when he stood up, a jar fell out of his pocket. It shattered, and dead butterflies and moths spilled all over the floor. The man quickly ran out, but as Bella watched, a small chameleon appeared and quickly skittered away. She picked up some of the moth and butterfly mixture, and the three headed back to their hotel room.

That night, they heard Caterina Cavollaro singing outside the hotel room, the same aria she had sung on the train. They rushed outside to find her, and started twisting through alleyways, trying to find the song. Finally, they saw the chameleon in a corner. Darting after it, they found themselves in a dead end, and the chameleon gone. That night, after they went to bed, they dreamt of singing lizards.

The next morning, the papers had picked up the story of Cavollaro’s disappearance. Eventually, the investigators went to speak to Rischonti, the man who was quoted in the newspaper article. He told them that the costumer’s curse was that La Scala has not been able to keep a new costume designer for more than three months. Each had fallen ill – consumption, pneumonia, asthma, and even a few cases of dermatitis on the chest. Management is currently thrilled because the newest designer, Luisa Visconti, has been there for four months and has no symptoms. Rischonti gave instructions to the costume shop, and Nigel, Bella, and Eugene headed out.

Luisa Visconti (plus the three women from the church) were all working in the costume shop together, on six dressmaker’s dummies. All six are wooden, but when asked, Visconti translates for the three women, who say that there is an absent seventh dummy, which has been taken downstairs. It’s a large black thing, and it makes them uneasy, but it is useful – costumes made on it never needed adjusting. Eugene also noticed an open door in the back, and Luisa complained about how it was always open, and never locked properly. Useful information for those planning to break into La Scala.

That night, all of the investigators went to finally see Aida. It took a good five minutes to get to the front row, where they were sat in front of the orchestra. At eight PM sharp, the conductor tapped his podium, and the orchestra began to play. The curtain slowly raised up to reveal a great hall of ancient Egypt, with priests sacrificing plaster limbs. Radames is chosen to be the new Egyptian leader, and the priests take him away to be presented with his new armor. Aida’s aria begins, and in addition to hearing the understudy, the whole opera house seems to hum. Everyone is singing along, so their wish can be granted. However, they can particularly hear the voice of Caterina Cavollaro. Looking around, Nigel pointed out that the voice was coming from a tall, elderly man several rows behind them – the same man they had seen in the Duomo. His neck was scarred, and next to him was an elderly woman with an equally scarred neck, staring slack jawed. She appeared related to Cavollaro… or maybe more than related.

As the aria finished, the man collapsed, and Radames’ suit of armor is rolled onstage on a large dressmaker’s dummy – the same large, black pottery as the arm. The man screams, and Eugene leaps for the stage – and falls straight into the orchestra pit.

From there, a huge chase broke out. Nigel tried to fight off the men, while Bella leaped onstage, grabbed the dummy, and began to wheel it away. Nigel went with her, and the two jumped on the dummy, wheeling it like an unruly skateboard through the twisting and turning backstage. Eugene started fistfighting the men backstage, and then all of them began to hear ‘fire! fire!’ Eugene took the opportunity to pick up Radames’ sword and helmet, and started screaming in his fierce, Irish accent. Bella and Nigel navigated through the fire, and saved several people by directing them to the costuming door, and then began to lower down the torso using fabrics. Eugene ran to meet them, accidentally setting his helmet on fire in the process. The three managed to escape, although La Scala burned to the ground, and spawned a new legend in the process – the demon of La Scala.

"Where the fuck did Nigel Thornberry come from?"

Keeper’s Note: I’m well aware Zach’s character is named Oliver, not Nigel. I just don’t care.

Stopping in Lausenne, Switzerland to investigate Edgar Wellington’s letter, Eugene, Bella, and Nigel all made their way to his taxidermy shop. They were greeting by Edgar Wellington and his brother William. Edgar explained that he had bought the scroll from a Frenchman during the war, and that he was willing to sell the scroll to the group. However, before they could negotiate a price, Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes interrupted. Duc des Esseintes, a friend of Edgar’s, was also interested in buying the scroll. Edgar told the Duc des Esseintes and the investigators to meet him later, at the 7:30 Club at the local cafe. Edgar had to go about his business, and retrieve the scroll. The Duc offered to show Edgar, Bella, and Nigel around the town, before leaving them at a cafe for lunch.

Edgar, Bella, and Nigel all decided that the Duc was suspicious, and followed him to his house to see if they could learn anything else about him. They managed to break into his house, only to find it totally empty and covered in dust. They followed the tracks to a large wooden door, stained and covered with classical figures returning from a hunt. When touched, the door made each investigator feel an overwhelming sense of depression, to the point of suicide. This made the door tricky to open, but after several attempts, they finally managed. Stepping inside, they found themselves in a completely identical house. Looking outside, however, they saw a strange, strong wind that prevented them from opening the door.

Back in Lausenne, Bella, Eugene, and Nigel hit the library, and discovered that the suicide rate in Lausanne has risen from virtually zero before 1914 to one death every month after 1918. On this piece of pleasant information, they went to dinner together, and were detained by Maximillian von Wurtheim, a friend of the Duc’s. Neither the Duc nor Edgar showed up for dinner, however, and so our intrepid investigators went to check on Edgar. They found the door to his shop slightly ajar, and all the lights out. All of Edgar’s strange taxidermy took on a menacing quality, and things looked slightly out of place. Slowly making their way upstairs, everyone found William dying in the kitchen. He had stab wounds in the belly and back, and a large flap of skin had been cut from his chest. In the bedroom, Edgar was lying dead on his bed, fresh needle marks in his arms. Investigating the room, Eugene and Bella found a green bottle full of a strange, muddy looking concoction labelled ‘Dream Lausenne’, Edgar’s diary, and a fake Sedefkar scroll, hidden underneath his bed. The diary chronicled the pain that Edgar felt in his everyday life, his addiction to morphine, and his discovery of Dream Lausenne through the Duc. The Duc provided him with the dream drug, saying it would combat insomnia, but Edgar quickly discovered that it was another Lausenne, and that anything he held in his hands as he slept would go to Dream Lausenne with him. He hid the scroll in Dream Lausenne.

Eugene, Nigel, and Bella all returned to their hotel room and took the dream drug. They woke up in Dream Lausenne in a place that looked remarkably like their hotel, and managed to get outside. Walking through a strange, free standing door, they found themselves in Dream Lausenne, where they encountered a number of strange occurrences.

Eventually, they made their way to the center of the town. A bound and chained Edgar Wellington was standing on a large platform in the middle of the square, next to a large hooded, robed figure. The Duc revealed himself, proclaimed himself Prince and Protector of Dream Lausenne, and sentenced Edgar to trial for withholding the scroll from him. Eugene volunteered to defend Edgar, and Bella and Nigel followed him up to the platform. Speaking to Edgar, the investigators calmed him down enough to learn that the scroll was hidden in his shop, and that he was taken by the Prince’s men. He had no idea he was dead in the real world, and simply begged over and over to be saved.

The Prince started the trial by accusing Edgar of “failing to cooperate” when his men dragged him away. Why would a guilty man struggle so much? Eugene spoke eloquently to his defense, delivering a beat down of the Prince’s faulty logic – after all, he was dragged away with no knowledge of what was happening. The second charge was that Edgar is a foreigner, who did not belong in Lausenne. Bella did her best to speak on the pointlessness of racism, but in speaking to a crowd of native Lausennes, much was lost. Finally, the Duc started to speak about how Edgar had hidden the scroll, obviously planning some deceit. If he gave up the scroll, then perhaps the Duc would have some reason for clemency — and this is the point where Bella threw the scroll at the Duc. The Duc grabbed the scroll gleefully, and disappeared from the platform. The Judge (a large, armless statue) declared the investigators the winners, and Edgar’s chains vanished. The investigators led him through the angry crowd back to his shop, where he retrieved the scroll for him. All three woke up back in their hotel, plus the Sedefkar Scroll and the spirit of Edgar, who immediately started to fade. The three did their best to calm him and let him fade in peace. Bella, Eugene, and Nigel then quickly packed up and departed for Milan.

Les Fleurs du Mal

Eugene and Bella departed for Paris and the Bibliotheque Nationale, where they met with student Remi Vangeim who helped them research the Sedefkar Simulacrum, as well as Comte Fenalik. The research on Comte Fenalik was productive, and Eugene and Bella learned that the Comte’s old estate was in Poissy, and he was incarcerated in Chareton asylum.

The Comte’s estate in Poissy had been built over by the Lorien family, who had been suffering from a string of bad luck. Unusually, they all seemed to get injured in their left arm quite a lot. Oh well, at least the roses around their home were growing great? The Loriens had heard of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, specifically a letter from a man named Edgar Wellington that discussed a scroll. More than that, however, they did not know. Eugene and Bella ended up spending the night with them, and the next morning, discovered the Comte’s underground torture chambers. At the end of the chambers was the left arm of the Simulacrum, surrounded by dripping black thorns. Eugene and Bella retrieved the arm, followed by a mysterious fog.

The trip to the asylum was less productive. Eugene and Bella could only find dates for the Comte’s arrival and subsequent transferal to a new wing – no dates of death were found. The new director, Dr. Francis LeRoux, was unhelpful, and tried to throw them out. However, they discovered the journal of the former director, Etienne Delplace. He described one of the guards finding some sort of strange patient in the basement, and bringing him up to his private wing. A week later, Delplace died of electrocution in his own shock therapy chair. However, blood was found at the scene.

When Bella and Eugene went into the basement, they were confronted by a ghost, smelling faintly of roses. The ghost knocked Bella unconscious, and then left Eugene after he explained who he was, and that he was after the Simulacrum. The next morning, the two departed for Switzerland in order to find Wellington.

The Doom Train
"Let's start the campaign by making everyone jump off a train!"

Before Eugene and Bella left for Paris to board the Simplon-Orient Express, they decided to investigate the triple homicide of “Mehmet Makryat”, suspecting that it had something to do with the attack on their friend, Professor Smith, and the Turkish man who had been following them at the lecture. After conning the police, Eugene and Bella learned three things about the homicides:

  • each corpse contained an identical telegram sent from Paris, saying “MEET ME IN LONDON AT ONCE URGENT M.”
  • Mehmet Makryat’s shop and home were at 3 Brophy Lane, Islington, but the police found nothing interesting
  • Each of the three corpses had been partially skinned — one, the torso, one, the arms, and the last, the legs.

Eugene and Bella decided to look at Makryat’s shop and home for themselves. Nothing was immediately suspicious. Eugene noticed that Makryat’s luggage was gone, as were most of his clothes. Meanwhile, Bella looked over Makryat’s ledgers, and saw that the last item purchased as one Wrightson special-commission train set, sold to Mr. Henry Stanley for one pound. The train had been purchased from the estate of Randolph Alexis months before. No other trains, toys, or anything of the sort had ever been sold or purchased in the shop.

The next morning, Bella and Eugene read in the newspaper that Henry Stanley had disappeared. The landlady heard a scream around 8 o’clock, went to Stanley’s room, and when he didn’t answer, she opened the door to find him vanished and the room full of smoke. No trace of him was recovered. The police were unhelpful, believing that Stanley had faked his own disappearance. The only advice that the sergeant gave them was the address of Arthur Butter, president of the London Train Spotters’ Association, who had possession of the train. They then chose to spend some time in the library, researching parts of the case. They learned that Randolph Alexis, the original owner of the train set, was an occultist with links to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. His son, Albert Alexis, was also a member of these groups. Alexis senior died in a train derailment while traveling to Liverpool in 1897, while Albert disappeared from his home in 1917 — all that was left was a few drops of dried blood, and a room full of smoke.

Eugene and Bella went to visit Butter, and managed to take the large train set back to their hotel room. Although they tried running it a few times, nothing happened, and so they decided to go back to the library the next day. When they arrived, however, they found a man sleeping in the room. When they tried to wake him up, the skinless corpse of Beddows collapsed to the floor. On him was a note in Turkish — derisiz bir inkar edilemez olacak – translating to “The Skinless One will not be denied.” The library was closed after discovering the body, and Eugene and Bella returned to their rooms.

After letting the small toy train run a few more times, a large, spectral train was summoned in their hotel room. The steam made the walls bubble, and ghostly passengers crowded around Eugene, dragging him into the train. Bella managed to jump aboard, and as they ran to escape the passengers, they found Randolph Alexis and Henry Stanley in the second class cabin. He was attempting to recreate the train set, in order to put the Doom Train (as he called it) back in the real world. With help from Eugene and Bella (who killed Alexis when it became clear the man was insane) the Doom Train came back to the real world, and the three survivors made it to a nearby town.

If Eugene and Bella are ever in a bad situation, they can now recreate the pattern of the Doom Train and create their own Doom Gate — although there is no guarantee that their attempt will go any better than Alexis’.

Dancers in an Evening Fog
the journey begins...

The campaign begins with Bella Tyrone and Eugene Whalen attending a prestigious Challenger lecture given by a friend named Professor Julius A. Smith, regarding the phenomenon of hauntings. During the lecture, both Bella and Eugene noticed that they were being observed by a “foreign looking” man with a large bushy mustache. Before either of them could confront him, he disappeared into the audience.

The next morning, Bella read a newspaper article regarding a suspicious triple homicide while Eugene found an article regarding Professor Smith’s home burning. Professor Smith later got in touch with Bella and Eugene through a calling card, and asked them to come to an old, decrepit part of town. When they got to him, they found the professor badly burned. He quickly gave them instructions regarding the Sedefkar Simulacrum, an ancient humanoid statue of immense power. The pieces of the simulacrum have been scattered across Europe, and Professor Smith told Bella and Eugene that they had to gather them up and destroy them, before the ruffians who destroyed his home collected all of the pieces and used them to recreate the statue. In addition to collecting all the pieces of the Simulacrum, Eugene and Bella must collect the Sedefkar Scrolls, which contain the ritual used to destroy the statue. Smith invited Bella and Eugene to use his and Beddow’s tickets to board the Simplon-Orient Express, which would take them to all the necessary locations. As they left, Beddow gave the pair a large valise full of money, for expenses incurred along the trip. Eugene and Bella left the house, but when they went back to the home where Smith had been staying to ask more questions, he was vanished without a trace.


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