Horror on the Orient Express

Dancers in an Evening Fog

the journey begins...

The campaign begins with Bella Tyrone and Eugene Whalen attending a prestigious Challenger lecture given by a friend named Professor Julius A. Smith, regarding the phenomenon of hauntings. During the lecture, both Bella and Eugene noticed that they were being observed by a “foreign looking” man with a large bushy mustache. Before either of them could confront him, he disappeared into the audience.

The next morning, Bella read a newspaper article regarding a suspicious triple homicide while Eugene found an article regarding Professor Smith’s home burning. Professor Smith later got in touch with Bella and Eugene through a calling card, and asked them to come to an old, decrepit part of town. When they got to him, they found the professor badly burned. He quickly gave them instructions regarding the Sedefkar Simulacrum, an ancient humanoid statue of immense power. The pieces of the simulacrum have been scattered across Europe, and Professor Smith told Bella and Eugene that they had to gather them up and destroy them, before the ruffians who destroyed his home collected all of the pieces and used them to recreate the statue. In addition to collecting all the pieces of the Simulacrum, Eugene and Bella must collect the Sedefkar Scrolls, which contain the ritual used to destroy the statue. Smith invited Bella and Eugene to use his and Beddow’s tickets to board the Simplon-Orient Express, which would take them to all the necessary locations. As they left, Beddow gave the pair a large valise full of money, for expenses incurred along the trip. Eugene and Bella left the house, but when they went back to the home where Smith had been staying to ask more questions, he was vanished without a trace.



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