Horror on the Orient Express


it's been over a month, we all could use a refresher

You were all contacted by Dr. Julian Smith in England, who was killed by an extremist cult lead by Mehmet Makryat. Before Smith died, he told Bella and Eugene that they needed to find the parts of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, a mythical statue of great evil. He gave them instructions on where to search and what to do with the statue once it was completed.

After a brief encounter with The Doom Train, where Eugene and Bella learned how to summon a spectral train in case they ever need to get out of a tight situation, they boarded the Orient Express for their first stop, Paris. They gathered information about Comte Fenalik, the last owner of the Simulacrum, and traveled to his old country house to retrieve the left arm. They also visited the mental institution where the Comte lived out the last of his days, although there was no actual information on his death.

Next stop, Lausenne. It was here that the group met Nigel. Eugene and Bella came to Lausenne to get information on the Sedefkar Scroll, needed to destroy the Simulacrum. After visiting a dream version of Lausenne, seeing some strange prophecies, and giving the self appointed Prince of the Dreamlands a fake scroll to throw him off the trail, Eugene and Bella recovered the scroll and headed back to the train. Duc Floressas is still at large, however, and almost certainly none too happy about the deception. Perhaps you should be wary in the future?

Y’all can just go read the write up for Milan here if you don’t remember it, but honestly how could you not remember it. Like, you set La Scala on fire. How do you forget that. You did manage to recover the torso, though, so well done on that.

The last place Eugene and Bella visited was Venice. There were three subplots throughout the city – mysterious murders with the bodies drained of blood, Georgio and Maria‘s plight, and recovering the left leg of the statue. After several days of searching through the records of a doll shop, Eugene and Bella discovered the left leg of the statue high in a clock tower, and managed to wrestle it free, destroying yet another piece of priceless antique architecture in the process. Eugene and Bella also helped Georgio and Maria to get married, and the happy couple is now travelling on the Orient Express with them. Nothing more was ever learned about the bodies, but don’t worry. I’m totally sure that won’t come back to haunt you in any way. The total Simulacrum count at this point is the torso, left leg, and left arm.

Next stop is the Northern Italian city of Trieste, to look for the left leg. Your clue is to look for Johann Winckelmann at the museum. Good luck, intrepid investigators.



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