Horror on the Orient Express

Les Fleurs du Mal


Eugene and Bella departed for Paris and the Bibliotheque Nationale, where they met with student Remi Vangeim who helped them research the Sedefkar Simulacrum, as well as Comte Fenalik. The research on Comte Fenalik was productive, and Eugene and Bella learned that the Comte’s old estate was in Poissy, and he was incarcerated in Chareton asylum.

The Comte’s estate in Poissy had been built over by the Lorien family, who had been suffering from a string of bad luck. Unusually, they all seemed to get injured in their left arm quite a lot. Oh well, at least the roses around their home were growing great? The Loriens had heard of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, specifically a letter from a man named Edgar Wellington that discussed a scroll. More than that, however, they did not know. Eugene and Bella ended up spending the night with them, and the next morning, discovered the Comte’s underground torture chambers. At the end of the chambers was the left arm of the Simulacrum, surrounded by dripping black thorns. Eugene and Bella retrieved the arm, followed by a mysterious fog.

The trip to the asylum was less productive. Eugene and Bella could only find dates for the Comte’s arrival and subsequent transferal to a new wing – no dates of death were found. The new director, Dr. Francis LeRoux, was unhelpful, and tried to throw them out. However, they discovered the journal of the former director, Etienne Delplace. He described one of the guards finding some sort of strange patient in the basement, and bringing him up to his private wing. A week later, Delplace died of electrocution in his own shock therapy chair. However, blood was found at the scene.

When Bella and Eugene went into the basement, they were confronted by a ghost, smelling faintly of roses. The ghost knocked Bella unconscious, and then left Eugene after he explained who he was, and that he was after the Simulacrum. The next morning, the two departed for Switzerland in order to find Wellington.



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