Caterina Cavollaro

beautiful milanese soprano

Str 11 Con 14 Siz 12 Int 13 Pow 12
Dex 12 App 16 San 60 Edu 17 HP 13

Damage bonus: +1D4
Skills: Credit Rating 80%, English 43%, Enjoy Life 85%, Fast Talk 63%, Sing 98%


Cavollaro is delighted to be going back to Milan to perform the title role in Aida. The role is a special to her because Aida was the first opera she ever saw, back when she was five at La Scala. According to tradition, if you sing along with the soprano’s aria in La Scala, your fondest wish will come true. Cavollaro entered La Scala wanting a pony, but after the opera started, she knew that she wanted to be a singer more. She sang along, and here she is today. Cavollaro believes deeply in the power of song and opera.

Cavollaro has been missing for weeks, now, and is presumed dead. All of Milan mourns her loss. Bella, Eugene, and Nigel heard a man with her voice and a torn throat, and saw a woman who looked suspiciously like a significantly aged Cavollaro sitting next to him, also with a torn throat. Unfortunately, the woman died when La Scala burned down. I wonder who that could have been?

Caterina Cavollaro

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