Edgar Wellington

deceased owner of the sedefkar scrolls


All you know of Edgar Wellington is his mysterious letter to the Loriens. He knows of the Sedefkar Simulacrum, and possesses an “ancient scroll” which makes reference to it. Perhaps Mr. Wellington knows of the Sedefkar Scrolls? Best to pay him a visit – he lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, one of the small stops on the Orient Express before you join the train proper.

Edgar Wellington is now, unfortunately, dead. He was killed by Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes, who covered up his death and made it look like a suicide. No one suspects the supernatural cause behind his death.


Edgar Wellington fought in the Great War, and came away unable to cope with the realities of daily life. Moving to the tiny town of Lausenne with his injured brother William, Edgar opened a taxidermy shop and turned to morphine to dull the pain of his memories.

Eventually, Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes found the man, and decided that Edgar would be an excellent experimental case – his belief in the supernatural with his weakness of morphine made him a perfect guinea pig. The Duc gave Edgar a drug to transport him to Dream Lausenne, a version of the normal Lausenne only found in the Dreamlands, Edgar took to visiting the Dreamlands regularly, and hid his most important possessions there, including the Sedefkar Scrolls, a set of Arabic scrolls that he had found during the Great War. Duc des Esseintes was unaware that Edgar possessed the scrolls until Eugene, Bella, and Nigel showed up and began bargaining for them. When Edgar went into the Dreamlands to retrieve the scrolls, Duc des Esseintes broke into his house, killed his brother, and staged Edgar’s suicide, trapping him in the Dreamlands. When he finally left the Dreamlands, his spirit faded – Edgar is now dead for good, and hopefully he has found peace.

Edgar Wellington

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