Homer Banner

southern reporter. second class.

Str 15 Con 13 Siz 17 Int 13 Pow 18
Dex 9 App 14 San 90 Edu 12 HP 15

Damage bonus: 1D4
Weapon: Fist Punch 50%, damage 1D3+1D4

Credit Rating 35%, English 65%, First Aid 73%, History 53%, Library Use 42%, Oratory 34%, Pharmacy 17%, Treat Poison 24%, Treat Disease 24%


A freelance writer for various US publications, Banner is traveling on the Simplon-Orient express recording his impressions of nations, peoples, and the famous train itself. A tall, balding, slightly argumentative man with a large adams-apple, Banner is innocently ignorant and quite naive, but people rarely take advantage of his genuinely good nature.

He’s a skilled writer, and adept at first aid from his hospital service during the Great War. He hails from the Appalachian mountains, and has a lot of home remedies that always seem to work – provided he can find the right ingredients. His rumpled suits bulge with pencils, notebooks, and manuscripts.

Homer Banner

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