Mehmet Makryat


Makryat is a middle aged Turkish antiques dealer with a large, too-bushy mustache. He worked out of Islington, and presumably, he is somehow connected with or interested in the Sedefkar Simulacrum. No one is sure where he is, or even precisely what he looks like.


Known facts & speculation about Makryat

  • Eugene and Bella suspect that Makryat was following them at the Challenger lecture.
  • Three identical bodies were found in the Chelsea Hotel, each with identification claiming them to be Mehmet Makryat. Each of these bodies had a passing resemblance to what the Turkish embassy believes to be the “real” Makryat, although his neighbors describe him as an elderly man.
  • Professor Smith’s home was burned down by “Turkish ruffians”, perhaps connected to Makryat?
  • Mehmet Makryat bought the Doom Train from the Alexis estate, and later sold it to Henry Stanley for a single pound.
  • Makryat’s shop is abandoned – his clothes are missing and his luggage is gone. None of his neighbors (or the police) have any idea where he could be.

Mehmet Makryat

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