Remi Vangeim

helpful Parisian student. one of the quiet ones.

Str 13 Con 14 Siz 15 Int 16 Pow 13
Dex 10 App 14 Edu 17 San 65 HP 14

Damage bonus: +1D4

Bargain 45%, Debate 60%, English 60%, French 95%, German 70%, Greek 20%, Latin 45%, Library Use 40%, Linguistics 60%, Old French 65%, Spot Hidden 40%


Remi Vangeim is a student at the Sorbonne, who wants to be an essayist but in the meantime needs a way to pay the bills. He’s tall, just under 6’, with red hair and gold rimmed glasses. He’s also incredibly honest to the point of bluntness — if asked, he is happy to give his opinion on anything.

Remi Vangeim

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