Walter Partridge

train buff. second class.

Str 10 Con 11 Siz 10 Int 11 Pow 9
Dex 11 App 10 San 45 Edu 12 HP 11

Accounting 48%, English 55%, History 30%, Read Railroad French 27%, Train Lore 90%


Partridge is small, and usually quiet – he’s well aware no one else really cares about trains like he does – but when someone gets him started on his favorite subject, he glows with intense energy. Too bad most Americans find his thick English dialect nearly incomprehensible. Walter Partridge is a train buff — a walking timetable of services, an encyclopedia of engine types, gauges, and track lengths. During the day, he works as an accountant in Yorkshire, and he saved for years to travel on the Orient Express. He spends most of his time looking at the train and discussing operational details with any staff who will listen. He has no idea where the train currently is, and when it stops, he spends most of his time trying to inspect the engine or watching the train get serviced. He is, however, having the time of his life, and will pretty much refuse to talk about anything that isn’t trains or, if you’re lucky, accounting.

Walter Partridge

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