Brief descriptions of the Dreamlands

1. A gaping fissure splits the middle of the street. From the fissure an icy wind blasts outwards, moaning down the street. Eugene, Bella, and Nigel were unable to move up the street — the wind was too strong.

2. A group of grotesquely clothed people passed, masked and cowled, costumed as Death, an Angel, a medieval Soldier, a Lion, a Turk, an Assassin, and a Rustic Lad and Lass. They are flagellants, who wind in procession, weeping tears of blood from startling, china blue doll’s eyes. They chant mass in Latin as they move, and reek of incense. A cacophony of bells follows them as they move. As the bells reach a crescendo, the Lion sprouts wings and flies, pursued by the soldier. Their bloody tears fell on Eugene, Bella, and Nigel, and scalded them.

3. One street was strewn with flowers and garlic bulbs.

4. A street magician displayed an empty hat. He inserted his right arm, then his left, then his right leg, and then his left. Each time, the limb was taken by the hat and vanished. Finally, collapsing to the ground, laughing hysterically, he asked for someone to retrieve his limbs from the hat. Eugene volunteered, but nothing was inside.

5. A gigantic chessboard was set into the cobblestones, and at either end of the board stood a motionless statue, one black, one white. They were humanoid, and yet featureless and androgynous. On the board, people occupied the position of chess pieces. Each person carried a knife, and the game began as if it was a normal chess game. As one piece takes another, the victor cut the throat of the loser. Play speed up as each piece died, and the board was quickly littered with corpses. The black player finally triumphed over the white, and the white player cracked and fell to pieces. The black statue turned towards Bella, Eugene, and Nigel, and watched them as they went pass.

6. In the middle of a deserted square, another statue stands. It was huge, and made of wire with what appeared to be rags hanging from it. As Eugene, Bella, and Nigel got closer, however, they could see that the wire had been woven into a human shape, and the rags were scraps of flesh snagged on the barbs and hooks. The statue began to sing, singing the aria that was heard on the train.

Brief descriptions of the Dreamlands

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