Professor Smith's instructions

“Thank God you have come. Because of my injuries, I cannot bear to talk for long. Beddows will answer all questions.

I have been on the trail of an occult artifact of great malevolence: the Sedefkar Simulacrum. It is a statue, a source of great magical power. Evil power.

At the end of the eighteenth century, it was taken apart, and the pieces scattered across Europe. You must retrieve the pieces and destroy it. My notes were destroyed in the fire, unless the Turks who set fire to my home have them. Here is what I remember:

Paris is where the statue was dismembered. The owner was a noble, Comte Fenalik, who lost it just prior to the French Revolution. Some part of it may still be in France.

Napoleon’s soldiers carried a piece into Venice when they invaded the city. It was sold to Alvise de Gremanci.

Another fragment made its way to Trieste at the same time. I do not know what became of it, but look up Johann Winckelmann at the museum.

I think there may be a piece in Serbia. Start at the Belgrade Museum. Dr. Milovan Todorvic is the curator.

One part was lost near Sofia during the Bulgarian War in 1875. At that time things of value were hidden from the invaders, so it may be burned somewhere.

The final piece was in circulation in Paris just after the Great War, and was sold to someone from Milan. I do not know who.

That is all I can tell you. You must try to collect it. When you have it, there is only one sure way to destroy it, and destroy it you must. You must. Take it back to its original home, a place in Constantinople known as the Shunned Mosque. There are niches there, in which it once lay. A ritual which will destroy it is included in a set of documents known as the Sedefkar Scrolls, but I have been unable to consult them.

I am sorry, my friends. For you, for me, for us all. Please do this for me. Go. Go quickly, and god help you."

Professor Smith's instructions

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