Arturo Faccia

elderly man with a beautiful woman's voice


There once was an elderly man in Milan who owned a chameleon…

The first time you ever saw Arturo, he was in the church. He looked for something under a set of pews, only to startle when he saw the investigators. He dropped a small pouch of butterflies, and after he left, a small chameleon scattered out.

We all know how quickly things descended from there.

The next time you saw Arturo – or, more precisely, heard – was on the streets of Milan. Caterina’s beautiful voice was heard on the streets, but when you went to investigate, all you could find was a chameleon.

The last time you ever saw Arturo was at the Milanese opera, where he sang along to the lead opera with Caterina’s voice, presumably so some wish of his could be granted. When he saw the Simulacrum torso onstage, he panicked and sent men after it. They all died in the fire of La Scala. What was his wish? How did he take Caterina’s voice? The world may never know…

Arturo Faccia

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