Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes

duke by day, "prince of the dreamlands" by night

Str 12 Con 14 Siz 15 Int 18 Pow 19
Dex 13 App 15(2) San 0 Edu 20 HP 15

Damage bonus: +1D4

Weapons: Knife, 75%, 1D6
Sword Cane, 70%, 1D6 + 2

Who knows what other sort of magical protections or spells the Duc might have, especially in the Dreamlands?

Skills: Credit Rating 90%**, Cthulhu Mythos 80%, Dreamlands 80%, Dodge 40%, English 70%, Fast Talk 78%, French 90%, German 80%, Hide 50%, Occult 75%, Oratory 55%, Sneak 45%

** Depends on the city


In the real world, Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes is minor nobility, unheard of outside of rural France. He spends most of his time in his city seat of Lausenne, dabbling in the occult, although he has been known to travel around Europe to collect artifacts. The Duc is generally well respected, although many people find that upon meeting him, something seems … off.

In the Dreamlands, Duc des Esseintes transforms into the Jigsaw Prince, a nightmarish creation made out of scraps of other people’s flesh who rules supreme. This is arguably his true form – completely insane and bound to the rules of the Dreamworld. The Duc is dangerous in the real world, but deadly in the Dreamlands. And your last interaction with him was to switch out the Sedefkar Scroll he wanted with a fake one. I’m sure he hasn’t noticed yet… what’s it been, two weeks? Nah, you’re definitely fine… It’s not like you can travel farther in the Dreamlands than you ever could in reality.

Oh. Wait.

Duc Jean Floressas des Esseintes

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