Georgio Gasparetti

young lover from Venice

Str 14 Con 14 Siz 12 Int 13 Pow 15
Dex 11 App 15 Edu 15 San 72 Hp 13

Damage bonus: +1D4

Climb 78%, Dodge 53%, English 17%, Italian 55%, Jump 64%, Oratory 22%, Sneak 47%, Swim 51%, Throw 38%


Georgio is a sweet but stupid man from Venice, who is madly in love with the opera singer Maria Stagliani. Unfortunately, due to his slight communist leanings and his poor family, her father rejected him. After her father’s death, Alberto Rossini swooped in and claimed Maria as his own. Thankfully, with Eugene, Bella, and Nigel’s help, Georgio and Maria eloped, and are now travelling on the Orient Express with the group. He is incredibly grateful for the investigator’s help, and would be happy to accompany them should they need anything.

Georgio Gasparetti

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